Islands - Prospects for the theme trend of women's bags in spring and summer of 2022


IslandsReturning to nature, suburban vacations have driven the transformation of travel modes, which has promoted the yearning for Cottagecore's pastoral life. In the era of the new normal, people are eager to find a peaceful and peaceful land. The independent space and island life of local vacation has become an indispensable way to relax and heal. It advocates a natural and balanced life attitude, and evolves a soothing and simple leisure trend to demonstrate personal comfort The spirit of paradise. Develop a new aesthetic inspired by craftsmanship, nature and classic elements. The aboriginal people who maintain an optimistic spirit continue their ancient awe of local resources, and the self-sufficient internal circulation brings an explosive growth of paradise vacations, extending the simplicity of new neutral colors. The brand supports the hand-made community to renew the coastline bionics, and the new style of the happy land spirit creates a soft vacation business and simple female leisure style, spontaneously natural and peaceful design

peaceful designAlberta Ferretti 2021 spring and summer series, mixed with leisure sports and underwear design inspiration, bring real relaxation with the outing style of the 80s, deduct relaxed, kind and romantic style, and create refreshing core items for daily wear. The denim is dyed, faded, re-dyed and other upgraded and reprocessed to inject fresh life into the trousers. The tailoring creates different silhouettes, and the corset and bra elements are transformed into elastic design details. Designer Alberta Ferretti proposed that fashion should not stop here, but should regain its important recording function to retain the imprint of the times. Goodwill is the embodiment of power and conveys the natural femininity that women reveal when they are happy.

optimisticTheme key color-Gream Tan

IslandsTheme key color-Blue Glass

peaceful designThe key material-hemp/cotton blendoptimistic

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