Office leisure--22/23 autumn and winter female bag theme trend


One year after the global isolation and blockade policy was implemented, the sense of luxury and detachment derived from travel and culture has inspired people's enthusiasm for optimism and hope for the future. Consumers are gradually returning to the office, and leisure has become the focus of post-epidemic lifestyle. Designers no longer pay too much attention to western styles, but focus more on mix and match styles and comfort-oriented details to meet the consumption of lifestyle changes. The demand for comfort. A variety of ways to wear and match are presented through mix and match styles, casual essential items, confident color combinations and improved handmade details show an unprecedented new office casual style


They are the young generation of fighters active in the metropolis. They have their own unique values and fashion viewpoints as well as a positive and optimistic attitude. They are not constrained by the masses, but have their own unique style. They prefer comfort, functionality, and creative details that bring a sense of novelty. By mixing different styles to blur the concept of commuting and leisure, they evolve comfort into a new office leisure attitude.

autumn and winter

female bag2022/2023autumn and winterfemale bag2022/2023autumn and winter

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