• 1202-2021

    2022 spring and summer theme trend keywords

    Calm,confidence and a sense of connection, the eternal blue tone, highlight our desire to start building on a reliable and stable basis as we enter a new era.

  • 0502-2021

    Islands - Prospects for the theme trend of women's bags in spring and summer of 2022

    Pursuing the traces of time in nature, the Pure Land Island enables people to trace the rural pastoral style, local technology, ancient civilization and sustainable production attitude to life, let people abandon the anxiety of the real world, and advocate the independent emotional interconnection of natural balance. The sustainable internal circulation under this theme, the new neutral color system of earth bionics, natural materials and the flaws and local style produced in the process of community-based hand-made, make the Cottagecore style evolve into a new style of dressing

  • 1902-2021

    Office leisure--22/23 autumn and winter female bag theme trend

    The lunch box-shaped bags has new design in dimession and combining with metal fittings made the dag more distinctive, which has attracted a lot of consumers.

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