New Power Campus-22/23 Autumn and Winter Women's Bag Material Trend


1. Sequin brilliance

With the restoration of the current global order and economy, people are extremely looking forward to a feast of return. The sequin brilliance texture fabric just conforms to this demand. The sparkling sequins and the dense hot diamonds of the starry sky create a dazzling visual effect of the bright dance floor, allowing the senses to be immersed in the world of joy.

Material trends

Sequin brilliance-style recommendation

Composite sequins, hot diamonds, acrylic inlays and other processes are performed on the knitted or woven fabric bottom to form a shiny-looking fabric, which perfectly creates a high-value luxury style single product. Stella McCartney arranges retro-colored sequins into geometric shapes through color contrast, showing interesting Ambilight. FIORUCCI uses customized mirror patch material to design the bag, which will be cool in the future.

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2. Technological changes

Fully immersed in the technological world, social networking is a must-have social method for young people nowadays, using the Internet to put a layer of mystery on themselves. The chameleon in the biological world can change colorful colors in different environments, and it is true that just like people in social life, they present themselves differently in different environments. The new technology photosensitive fabric presents a different appearance according to the change of the external environment's luster, and the cool colors carry a futuristic and exciting experience to meet the curiosity needs of the young generation in different styles of night and day.

Eye-catching colors

Technological Discoloration-Recommended Style

CHARLES & KEITH bags use the new-style chameleon nylon cloth to interpret the classic bags. The classic and versatile bags in the daytime turn into a cool and very fluorescent color system at night, eye-catching personality. ZARA uses ultraviolet heat to induce leather manufacturing. The light blue bag gradually turns into a quiet dark blue under the sun. The novel experience is full of changing beauty. Fendi uses luminous edge oil as a style to add cool night colors. Converse also uses technical canvas. The pure white upper gradually shows the beautiful cashew flower texture under the light. The multi-faceted connotation of a shoe attracts the attention of young consumers.

Material trends

3. Future Metal

Virtuality, the future and technology have become the pursuit of current trends and fashion progress. The metal texture that represents technology and future reveries is deeply loved by young consumers. Cool colors enhance the lively texture of the material itself, making luggage products with metallic colors an important carrier for trendy people to express their unruly personality and modern temperament.

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Future Metal-Recommended Style

Young consumers are obsessed with individual expression and do not want to stay in a style forever. They enjoy the novel feeling of being watched by others. The metallic luster material interprets a more cool fashion through different colors, bringing the finishing touch to the dull autumn and winter.

Eye-catching colors

4. Shiny leather

As consumers began to pursue visual pleasure, shiny and glossy materials began to fill people's sights. The new campus forces chose a more plastic glossy patent leather material with exaggerated decorations to interpret the punk-style coolness.

Material trends

Glossy leather--recommended style

With pure crystal glossy patent leather and contrasting text slogan, the visual impact of complementing each other bursts out of simplicity. And accessories products decorated with exaggerated chains or fasteners highlight the characteristics of fasteners through the pure and shiny simplicity of glossy patent leather, and weaken the tough texture of exaggerated fasteners, adding a touch of femininity.

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5. Gum-like fashion

The abundance of materials is also a comprehensive expression of young people’s pursuit of change and mix-and-match tonality. The integrated plastic material breaks free from functional rain boots and raincoats. The cool colors, elegant silhouettes, and exquisite decoration make it once regarded as cheap Material becomes the pioneer of fashion personality. Both Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga have launched a variety of integrated plastic rain boots series in 2021, which have become the key items in the fashion of fashionable Internet celebrities. ChristianDior launched a series of one-piece soft rubber boots in the early autumn of 2021. The matte texture shows personality and fashion through detail changes.

Eye-catching colors

Glue-like fashion-style recommendation

With the continuous upgrading of digital technology products, mobile phones, headsets and other products have become essential for young consumers' lives, and the fashion perspective has begun to shift to cold digital products, designing fashionable outerwear for them. Versace and Gucci use soft plastic materials to interpret the contours of the brand design theme image, and different materials are easier to reveal a distinctive tone.

Material trends

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