Office leisure--22/23 Autumn and Winter Female Bag Element Trend


Fancy hand sewing-style recommendation

The fancy stitching method for autumn and winter on 22/23 is mainly manual overlock stitching. It was first applied to the stitching of the upper of the bun or the joint of the multi-structural parts of leather goods to emphasize the reinforcement function. Nowadays, the application on bags is more flexible. In addition to functionality, it has also begun to present Chloe's bag series for the main purpose of decoration; from the point of view of use, it is no longer limited to the parts of the components, in the handle, bag mouth, and component lines. The use of edges plays the role of decorative lines to emphasize the silhouette.

Autumn and Winter

Coarse handwork-style recommendation

Compared with the previous thick hand stitches, the 22/23 autumn and winter hand stitches pay more attention to the exquisite feeling. The elegant stitches embellishment on the concise styles present the advanced texture of the bag. Fendi's thick hand stitched design around the LOGO on the bag surface and the edge of the bag has the effect of emphasizing the structure. Dooney Bourke emphasizes the pattern of the wrapper with the thread-like threading process, and increases the level of detail.


Stitch element-texture contrast

The comfortable and simple wind direction under the theme style is very popular. Compared with any form of pattern, the long lines have a casual and handsome style attribute. Use contrasting color stitches that are different from the main color of the product to show long line contours, allowing the simple commuter silhouette to immediately carry a casual taste.

Female Bag

Texture contrast-style recommendation

Casual stitches usually use beige as the main color choice, while the product styles are mostly natural colors with a retro style, such as khaki brown, olive green, and clay red. The simple silhouette with structural details is fused with natural retro tones, and the silhouette and details are emphasized through the contrast line, and the overall expression of the texture and leisure that cannot be ignored.

Autumn and Winter

Stitch element-sideline double track

If the color contrast stitch emphasizes the silhouette structure and casual tone through color contrast, then the stitch and the edge oil contrast color at the same time, and the double-line sense of line enhances the fashion tone and active agility of the product. This kind of sideline double-track design details also bring a rich source of creative design for classic products.


Sideline double track-style recommendation

The sideline double-track approach is no longer a simple beige stitch presentation, but a fashionable contrast color designed according to the main color matching requirements of the product, and more appear in a colorful way, making the simple plain bread decoration unique. And its simple silhouette ensures that the product can seamlessly connect leisure life and office space.

Female Bag

Sideline double track-fancy hand sewing

With people's yearning for a slow life, the purely hand-made stitch craft has been favored by consumers. The fancy hand-stitching method can reflect the exquisiteness of handwork, the stitches form a strong contrast with the color and material of the product, and the rough stitches and spacing reveal the original comfort and simplicity.

Autumn and Winter

Stitch elements-rough handmade

The hand-made stitches reveal people’s longing for the original and simple sentiment. The thick stitching is applied to the bag with a process similar to the threading, or it has the function of stitching, or is purely decorative, all of which are made by hand The style of visual presentation emphasizes sophistication and leisure.


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