• 0208-2021

    Opportunities and Challenges of Fashion Week

    Fashion week has been a flourishing age in the apparel industry for a long time. In recent fashion weeks, whether the meaning of his existence will disappear has become a topic that people in the industry around him are discussing. This report will start with the development history of fashion week, combined with data to explain the current situation of fashion week, the opportunities and challenges of China fashion week, and the new supply and demand system of fashion week. Fashion week originated in Paris. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, it cannot be called a fashion week. He only exists as an upper-class person who tastes a popular way of life. Until the 1920s and 30s of the 20th century, the war of World War I did not shake Paris’s fashion status and produced a series of fashion masters. During World War II, Paris was caught in the war, and the focus of fashion has changed from Paris in Europe to nothing. Developed in the homeland, Shengping's United States. Milan and London established their own fashion weeks in 1958 and 1984 respectively.

  • 1207-2021

    22/23 Top Ten Theme Trend Keywords for Autumn and Winter

    During the period of continuous economic downturn and instability, the charm of ecological responsibility and the niche aesthetics have become the internal driving force of 22/23 autumn and winter, looking back to the classic nostalgia, and enjoying the future. The joyful design rekindles people’s enthusiasm for exquisite parties and learning, singing and dancing upgrade the exquisite and romantic charm of feminine style, psychedelic Op and classics blend the neo-romantic Dark Academia aesthetics, urban precipitation, industrial stability and urban restlessness, maintaining ecological interaction Traditional natural tone, timeless black-and-white charm, exploring double-sided sexy officials, the Chinese Winter Olympics promotes the popularity of snow sports, and future activism makes sensitive technological forms mimicking warmth and protection, creating the most in trend under the Y2K aesthetic upgrade of the Z era Acidic metal wind, inclusive, evolved into 22/23AW women's 10 major thematic trend keywords and core trend direction, which is an early warning of the new season's theme trend. This report refines the theme style keywords, supplements and expands the theme trends, and then continues to update the keywords and theme trend reports, so as to quickly capture the main points of the future trend and quick response

  • 0908-2021

    Global Influence--22/23 Autumn and Winter Industry Events

    The era of consumerism is over, and the fourth era of consumption with people as the core is quietly coming. The relationship between consumption and people has been rethinked. The community and decentralized society is becoming clearer and more flat, open and equal. situation.

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